Gluten free donut holes


I always want my children to be able to have what everyone else can have and not feel deprived because of their allergies. I have gone gluten free but my children don’t have to be. The other week I was getting a coffee and my daughter wanted a donut. I told her no because it was filled with corn. Luckily, my mom got the kids a baby cakes cake pop maker. We made cake pops over the weekend, but I couldn’t eat them. I decided I would try to make donut holes using gluten free flour. I used the recipe that came with the box and made a few changes, including using gluten free flour. The result was amazing. Even my husband couldn’t believe they were gluten free. Gluten free or not, if you have allergies the cake pop machine is a great way to make donut holes. Just wanted to share.

3 thoughts on “Gluten free donut holes

  1. I can’t even have gluten free flour cause it has rice in it. I have an allergy to rice of ALL things. So between the wheat, the rice and the corn..I can’t have much. Not even potato chips, although I just found a source of chips fried in canola oil, so will give those a try.

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