Posted in May 2012

More Allergy Testing

It seems that after almost 6 years that these allergy mysteries will never end!  I seem to be on a roller coaster of emotions where I am fine, feel blessed, and then hit rock bottom.  I am in a decent place (mentally) so I am able to write this now.  A few weeks ago, I … Continue reading

Mini Pops Sample Pack Give Away

I’ve posted before about how much I love Mini Pops Sorghum.  It has been a life saver for us with our corn allergies.  However, the more I read about corn and how bad these genetically modified foods are, I know that I would choose sorghum over popcorn even if I wasn’t allergic.  I figured out … Continue reading

Ideas for Mother’s Day Dessert

Ideas for Mother’s Day Dessert

I found these cute molds at Michael’s today.  I learned after my Easter chocolate bunnies that the chocolates need to be small or have a lollipop!  I also found the cups that can be filled.  I need to work on those and fill them with less chocolate next time.  I think I will make some … Continue reading